Gift Ideas for Musicians

5 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Musician – like me!

1. The Pick Cutter by Kosomo Products

How Cool! It’s a pick maker! You can use the sheets that they give you, but you can also use things like – your wife’s credit card. Not only will she stop spending money on things that you don’t need, but you’ll always have access to a pick in an emergency. Definitely cool for guitarists.

Available at Amazon

2. Create a USB Mixtape by

Remember dubbing tunes from WMMR and WYSP (for you Philly faithful) and creating your own custom tapes? Also, it was a sign of pure love when your significant other took the time to create a mixtape of love songs – that you ultimately smashed after you broke up for stupid reasons. Now you can relive this classic 80’s sign of love and create a USB mixtape. Just add the songs (900 minutes total) to the USB stick, write custom messages on the cover and BOOM – best gift ever.

Available at Amazon

3. Jammin Johns Original Guitarlet Toilet Seat by Jammin Johns

Ladies, if you think you had a hard time getting us gents to put the toilet seat down before – well, I apologize. Because this is the coolest thing I have ever seen. Toilets are normally boring and only serve one function – but now, it’s furniture! Take that ya sissy home decor feng shui froot loop dingus! Boys rule!

Available at ATG Stores

4. Anything at Wolfgang’s by Wolfgang’s Vault

Over 26,000 collector’s items ranging from music, to film, comedy, sports, theatre and more! Photography prints, classic posters and concert tour artwork – this is perfect for those with a music-inpired room or basement – even for the office!

Available at Wolfgang’s Vault

5. Chuck Taylors! by Converse

You simply can’t be a rockstar without the right kicks. I’ve seen musicians play barefoot, wearing flip-flops (yikes!), and even some big Frankenstein shoes (which I own), but when I see a dude sportin’ a pair of Chucks, I know I’m gonna get some rock n’ roll right in the face. It’s a classic gift, it has history, it has nostalgia – it just friggin ROCKS!

Available at Converse