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What does a drummer do when he sells his gear to help pay for college?  Well, he learns to play a less expensive instrument, of course.  In 1994, I did exactly that and I found a new passion for music, while learning what I think is the most beautiful sound – an acoustic guitar.  Maybe not how I play it, but I battled through all of the blisters, frustration, and broken strings.  In the process, I started writing some simple songs.  I admit they were horrible, but like anything else — practice, Tom Cashman Biography - In the Studiopractice, practice. To me, the guitar is like a loyal pet – never judging, always there when you need it, and if you spend enough time with it, you can get the best out of it. Around 2006, I bought my first Mac – a pretty awesome machine that I still have somewhere around here.   I have since upgraded, but I learned a ton about recording, mixing and doing research on how other folks approach music in general.    This was ultimately, the beginning. For those who know me, I am a self-taught student of metaphysics and all things spiritual, but I try not to overdo it.  I study this for me – to help me understand all things.  My learning has produced an amazing amount of insight into a beautiful experience, called life – and how satisfying it is to live from the inside out.  This insight, mixed with meeting an amazing spirit, helped me to channel my love for life into songs. Tom Cashman Biography - 528In 2010, I wrote almost 15-20 songs, 7 of which were recorded with my good friends and the result was my first ever CD, “528“.   528 refers to sound frequency used by a Harvard professor to heal broken DNA.  It’s kind of cool actually, but I usually get met with mixed reaction when I talk about this stuff – but hey – we used to believe the earth was flat.  So, I still have hope for some of you.  I use 528 as a reference to my own transformation and healing.  I believe myself to be a miracle.  And so are all of you. The CD was a blast to record and to get into the hands of family and friends.  As part of “The Tom Cashman Experience”, the band headlined Puck in Doylestown, PA and we were part of a great lineup of music at The Legendary Dobbs in April 2012. Ultimately, I missed the home recording sessions late at night and decided recently not to keep the band together.  The guys in the band are my friends first, then really amazing musicians.  If I decide to do something with a full band or duo/trio – they will always be my first call. The only problem is, I love to perform.  Problem?  Well, I have always been in a band and never really did anything on my own before, but I have learned so much from all the great musicians that I have played with.  And so it’s my turn. Tom Cashman Biography - Jeffrey Gaines & Shawn ByrneOne of the biggest pushes to do this was when I opened for Jeffrey Gaines during a sold out show in June 2012.  I felt like I belonged there – doing what I was doing.  Even when Jeffrey came out and did his thing, I kept thinking that his freedom up there – on his own – really drove his message. And so I was inspired yet again.




Tom Cashman - Phoenix Legacy

Cover of Tom Cashman EP – Phoenix Legacy

Biography Update: November 2014 – a new EP!  “Phoenix Legacy” is my first solo project, consisting of 5 songs that are a culmination of a pretty cool life.  A song about my hometown (Lawndale), a song for my wife (I Do), a song for my son, James (See You Soon), a song for me (I Have Lived), and finally, a pretty dreamy song about dreams (Just My Dream). Usually, I get asked what my songs are about.  I find it hard to respond most times, but from now on, my answer will be, “It’s about me – in some place – at some time”.  After all, that is true.   Don’t read too much into song meanings – as they are like dream meanings – they are just there.  Enjoy them – stop trying to categorize and judge and dissect them.   Enjoy the site!  – TC


Biography last updated on November 7, 2014

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